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Q - What is Stumondo Sports?
A - Stumondo Sports is the only Game based entirely on Propositions. Players make predictions on specific propositions and if correct, earn points.

Q - What is a Sports Proposition?
A - Sports Propositions are events that could happen during a sporting event. For example, for an NFL game a good sports proposition is, will there be a score in the final 2:00 of the first half or which team will throw the first interception.

Q - Is Stumondo Sports Legal?
A - Stumondo Sports is legal. No player is required to pay in order to play. Stumondo Sports Servers are located in an area where online wagering is legal.

Q - Does it cost anything to play Stumondo Sports?
A - Stumondo Sports is 100% Free to play; However, if you want to win $$, you will have to "Buy In" to each available challenge.

Q - What if players tie?
A - In case of ties between players that have Bought In, Total Prize $ is split equally between all tied players. For example, if 1st place pays $500 and 2nd place pays $200, the two players who are tied for 1st would each get $350.

Q - Who can play Stumondo Sports?
A - Anyone with a valid email address. The email address is used to activate the Stumondo Sports account. Once activated by activation link, player can login anytime.

Q - How do I create an account?
A - At, click the "Create Account" button or link then submit the easy to understand form.

Q - Is there an App for Stumondo Sports?
A - Yes.

Q - How do I Play Stumondo Sports?
A - Create an account, select a league and select the date. Once props appear, simply make your picks. The default league is Stumondo Sports. Player can search for available leagues and play that league's props; if any.
Stumondo Sports makes watching sports a lot more fun.