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Stumondo Sports is NOT “Fantasy” sports!!

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You simply pick; the team, YES, NO, OVER or UNDER that you think will be the correct result of each proposition for the challenge to earn the points stated in the proposition. The points are added up during the game and if you accumulate more points than everyone else that submits picks for the same challenge at the end of the game, you win. The concept is extremely easy but you do have to know about the game you're playing. If a team leading the league in turnovers is playing and the prop is "Which team will have the most take-aways in the game?", that's where your skill is used in the game.

  1. Create a free account or login to your existing account.
    • After creating an account, you will have to verify your email address with an activation link.
  2. After logging in, you are shown propositions for Stumondo, if any.
    • You will have up to 15 minutes before the game starts to submit your picks.
      Example: Game will start at 3PM Eastern, you have until 2:45 PM Eastern to submit your picks.
  3. You can search for props in other leagues for that day and future dates. (The ability to make picks for past games is just silly.)
  4. Make your pick for each proposition listed. All props must have a choice.
  5. Submit.
    • We usually record the outcome of each proposition shortly after the proposition happens so players can see a "running talley of points" even during the game. If we don't record the outcome right away, you will have to check back either by our publicly accessible Results page which only shows grand totals or by logging in to your player account and using the Results link provided.
Propositions really do make watching sports more exciting. Show your knowledge of the game with this amazing concept. Create your free account now.

Stumondo Sports makes watching sports a lot more fun.